The principal use of this product is for paving steep slopes and raised garages entrance areas, or for covering pillars or walls to give them a rustic appearance. In the first instance, they are laid in a perpendicular position, in the second, they are laid flat. The top surface and the two sides are split, and the two sides have a natural surface.

Product Type
Smolleri for paving
Smolleri for cladding
Length in. (*)
Random length min. 4″
Random length min. 4″
Depth in. (*)
From 3 ¼” to 6” ca.
From 3 ¼” to 5” ca
Thickness in (*)
From 1 1/4” to 2 ¾” ca.
From 1 1/4” to 2 ¾” ca.
Weight lb/sf
41.00 ca.
37.90 ca
(*) Note: Inch dimension is nominal. Please refer to cm for exact production size

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